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AV39 - Death Kneel

$6.00 / Sold Out

With full hearts we are honoured to share the return of Death Kneel to the Institute for the first time since their sophomoric “Lilac & Benzine” cassette in 2014. Since then, an ever-growing body of work has developed which has ceaselessly reinvented itself with each release. The sibilant timbre and vocal-less delivery of these recordings strikes more resemblance to Apollo’s reprise than its counterpart, though its gesture offers a cinematic and heartbreaking glimpse into the artist’s overarching narrative. Both for new listeners and the initiated, we truly hope that these sounds resonate with you, as they have with us this autumn, and for many more to come.

“The ascent stopped. And stone among the stones, he returned in the joy of his heart to the truth of the motionless worlds.”

digital files included with purchase